What Makes This Digital Marketing Agency Special?

We're a small, local business that builds up other small, local businesses.

STLMD offers a variety of solutions for the challenges SMBs are facing in this economy. From staff shortages to budget cuts to a rapidly-changing marketplace, our keen expertise for end-to-end digital marketing strategy and our disciplined execution helps you keep the focus on your business.

Our Mission


Our agency serves as a complete marketing engine for SMBs who can’t afford to hire top-tier specialists or a gaggle of entry-level coordinators full time to outthink and outperform the competition.

For typically less than the cost of one employee, your brand can infuse a hard-working, focused team of director-level experts into the marketing and sales process. We'll manage the digital marketing campaigns, automation and results necessary to reach those critical business goals you've been too busy to pursue on your own.


Our Values

Values matter. They steer us towards the best version of ourselves for each client. At our core, this is what matters to us:

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Our Story

Our Story

Well, it was too late for us to drop out of school and, at last check, our garage was far too dusty and "spider-friendly" to try to set up a desk or water cooler.

So, while we may not have gone the “traditional” route of founding a business, our vision to give small businesses an edge was enough to get started.

Now, we count on the bedrock of our experience, expertise and enthusiasm to serve as the base of operations for STL Marketing Department, and we appreciate the clients who trade us trust for results.

Our Team

About STLMD - Cartier Family


Owner, Founder

Ever since that one time when he fell down two rows of seats at a St. Louis Blues game trying to catch a foam puck that was dastardly thrown just out of his reach, Peter has liked to take risks.

And while his mom cautioned him on his way to a high school lifeguard tryout - "Be careful. You're not a very good swimmer." - she doesn't seem to have a problem with him staying dry and using his experience from the last decade of weaponizing the digital marketing arm of businesses to found a full-service digital marketing agency.

That experience as a copywriter, inbound strategist, content creator and Marketing Director (along with the support of his wife, Janine; son, Clark; and dog, Mack) forms the bedrock of St. Louis Marketing Department which channels those capabilities and services to help build up local businesses in the STL area.

Call it a risk or call it an opportunity seized, the results speak for themselves.

...He has a foam hockey puck to prove it.